Best Amazon photo editing services

Best Amazon photo editing services

Are you looking to create stunning, beautiful images to present your products and services – but you are lacking of time or the manpower? What if you could partner with a digital photo editing service provider that produces amazing results on every project? Look no further, it’s time to check out Mukoaj; it possesses a team of expert professionals ready to assist you.

     So everyone writes their own rules! The Amazon product image guidelines require images with a particularly high resolution so that the zoom function can be used without loss of sharpness. Basically, only cropped photos against a white background. On amazon you should offer several images from different angles so that the customer can get the best possible impression of your product. With regard to image composition, amazon also has clear guidelines: The cropped image should fill at least 80% of the entire product

Minimum requirements for product images on Amazon

The following requirements should apply to your photos when uploading to Amazon to avoid the visual and technical testing by Amazon. (the requirements for different products may differ

  • Formats: JPEG is preferred, PNG and GIF are accepted
  • Only photos are allowed, no line drawings
  • Pure white background (hex #ffffff)
  • Resolution: 72 DPI
  • The object or subject must occupy about 85% of the image
  • sRGB colour mode, 8 bits per channel
  • For zooming, longest page must be 1,280 to 3,000 pixels, minimum size of 2560 pixels recommended

It’s possible to upload up to 8 images of a single product, allowing the product to be presented from multiple angles or to be shown with accessories. With all the strict guidelines it could take a bit of time to process all 8 images accordingly.

Thinking about launching your own e-commerce website or making your images more glamorous and beautiful? Are you tense about photo editing and retouching process a large volume of images by yourself for your project?

Then we have the right, effective, and most affordable solution for you, without even compromising with photo editing and retouching quality. We are a young with 10 years of experience in photo editing and manipulation services. Mukoaj  is a big team experts and professional graphic designers provide the quality image editing services on clipping path, photo retouching, creative graphic designand other image conversions,  digital pre-press work, and Photo editing.

Jewelry Retouch

Our retouch experience in this particular industry makes it quite possible to edit the same image in a different way and in different looks. In such a way we can correct our jewelry retouch towards the same style as existing images in your catalog or by our own sense if there is no recommendation.We offer High quality jewelry photo Retouching service having any type of complexity and made of any materials
  • Clipping Paht
  • Jewelry Retouch
  • Hollow Man Montage
  • Masking
  • Image Manipulation
  • Shadow Creation
  • Custom Web Ready
  • Background Remove
  • Color Correction
Though you want to save money, you don’t want to skimp on quality. “The best way to find the best clipping path service provider is to observe and compare clipping styles of works of potential providers to see exactly which one best fits with your style and what you want to accomplish,” says. Look for samples on their website that show proof of their work.


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